The Role of a Home Stager in the Real Estate Market

The art of staging means getting a house ready to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible in your market. When you make the proper arrangements, you can raise your pricing point and make prospective buyers immediately fall in love with your home. By staging, you can turn bare walls and floors into a welcoming house with which potential buyers can identify. When you appropriately stage your property, potential buyers can understand its value and imagine their lives developing in the home as they explore each room. So if staging is so simple, why should you hire a professional stager? And what is the actual role of a home stager in the real estate market? If you want to find the answers to these questions, we invite you to read further.


Why work with a home stager?

The best home stagers aim to enhance the property’s appearance to raise its market value. Home stagers accomplish this by advising on furniture, layout, and décor adjustments that will depersonalize the home and enhance its appearance, making it simpler for buyers to picture themselves living there.

However, home stagers may sometimes find it challenging to make aesthetic changes to a house without upsetting the current residents. Being told something needs to change might be frustrating because selling a house is emotional. But, the best house stagers are always courteous while making recommendations. Furthermore, the home stager should be able to persuade the seller that home staging is a reasonable investment in the value of their property with the help of the realtor


Woman holding a home for sale sign.
Home stagers and real estate agents often work together to get the best results for the seller.


What is the role of a home stager in the real estate market?

A professional stager will reduce a property’s flaws and highlight its qualities to create the best first impression. We already agreed to that. But how does a home stager influence the real estate market? Well, there are a few aspects that they can influence, including the following: 


Home staging decreases time on the market

The last thing a seller wants is for their house to lose desirability after listing. A property becomes a stale listing if it has remained unsold for a long time. Furthermore, old listings can become quite challenging to sell. Therefore, every seller’s and every agent’s objective is to sell the house as soon as possible for the asking price. As a result, the role of a home stager in the real estate market is to make properties sell faster. 

In truth, a staged home will sell three to five times faster than an unstaged home. That means the property will spend considerably less time on the market, making both the seller and the agent happy. And after a fast sale, buyers can focus on other pressing matters. For instance, they can follow the advice of experts at Orange Mover and start looking for moving experts. With the help of professional movers, buyers can also move fast, not just sell fast.


A person putting a sold sign over a for sale sign.
The role of a home stager in the real estate market is to sell a property fast and for the highest value.


Staging increases the value of homes

Studies show buyers are willing to pay more for a staged home ready for immediate occupancy. Additionally, professional stagers assist sellers in receiving higher bids for their property by presenting a home in its best light and with an excellent interior design. In truth, the value of your home may rise by up to twenty percent, depending on the home staging service you choose. And that does not require you to make a significant financial investment. A ten percent price rise typically requires one percent of the property’s worth. Therefore, your return on investment maximizes when you work with a qualified home staging specialist.


A home stager increases the number of listing views

As a seller, you want to have many views on your listing as possible. Unfortunately, buyers spend only a few seconds looking at the photos of your property that you post online. Therefore, you need to make those seconds count. That became more obvious at the beginning of the pandemic when buyers had to rely exclusively on photographs or virtual tours to choose their ideal property, as home views were restricted or stopped altogether.

However, no matter how the state of the market, excellent photography will always get more viewers. A professional photographer can help, but even the best can only capture what is in front of them. On the other hand, a home stager is aware of the precise colors and angles that enhance images. And with the right images,  more people will view the listing, and you will get more inquiries and offers.


Man impressed by an online home listing.
A home stager can bring more views to your listing.


A home stager can raise the market competition

Since more homes are available for sale daily and buyer expectations are rising, the market is tremendously competitive. Moreover, a realtor might show a buyer a poorly maintained home to demonstrate how they can obtain more value with a staged property. Therefore, you should avoid setting a poor example with your home and instead become competitive. And who can help you stand out in front of the competition? A home stager, of course! They have the know-how to set up your home, maximize its appearance, and make it shine more. They can arrange the furniture to make the space look bigger, cozier, and more appealing. When carried out by an expert, such activities and details unquestionably help your home sell quickly and for a higher price. With the extra money, you can find the right moving team to help you relocate to Miami, for instance, fast and carefreely.


Final thoughts

It is undeniable that the role of a home stager in the real estate market is essential. They can help you stand out from the competition, sell your property faster, and get a higher price. However, you need to find a suitable professional to work with- someone who understands the market requirements and your needs. As a result, if you plan to sell your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for our home staging services. We can guarantee your home will look its best on listing day.

Staging your home by a professional staging company is the most cost-effective way to refresh your home while ensuring your highest return on investment. Our certified design team can help with decorating trends, furniture placement, color choices, home improvement, and much more. So, whether you’re ready for a new “look” or selling your home, choose a company with a proven track record – Showhomes