Why DIY Home Staging Services May Not Be Enough for a Successful Sale

There’s a good reason why so many professionals are out there whose services people are willing to pay for rather than perform those works themselves. Those people undergo thorough training to learn the tips and tricks to do something better than others. When putting your home on the market and securing a successful sale, DIY home staging may not be enough. Just like is the case with other areas of business, professionals can do it better for you. Here is why hiring them to stage your home is a much better idea than doing it yourself.


It might cost you more 

Staging a home yourself may cost you more than if you hired experts to do it for you. The reason is that you don’t know which details have the most significant impact and which are unnecessary. You might think replacing something that seems old and boring to you is a good idea. Then it turns out to be a significant investment with little return in the form of a selling price increase. The experts know exactly where to get the best value items and which ones to make the most people fall for your home but not at too high a price. Your inexperience may cost you more than hiring people trained for this work.

A golden piggy bank on top of various coins.
DIY home staging may cost you more than if you hired professionals for it.

Professionals know what most people like

One of the main advantages of hiring professionals is the fact they know what will strike a chord with potential buyers. They follow trends, and they have the statistics. Also, they have seen firsthand what people like to see and how they react to different interior design styles. They will give you precious advice on what to do with your home to make the most people love it. Always bear in mind the following. It is not you who should like your home when you are selling it. It is the people that are interested in buying it. Their taste is the one to build your décor around.

…and what most people hate

What matters more than what people love is what most people hate. As a non-expert in the area, you probably have no idea what that is. But the professionals do. Experts in staging know certain tricks to camouflage those negative elements of your home. That way, they invest even less than you thought you should.


Experts know how to play with light 

Light is a powerful tool in interior design. It can convert even the most common rooms into a modern and intriguing area. With the proper use of light, your home becomes a work of art. Light guides a person’s focus from one point to the next with mesmerizing ease. That is not something a layman knows how to handle correctly unless you are incredibly talented in these kinds of stuff, which is not very likely, especially if your profession has nothing to do with art.

A light fixture with multiple bulbs.
Light is a powerful tool in interior design if you know how to use it.

You might have too much on your plate to properly focus on DIY home staging

Selling a home goes hand in hand with searching for or buying a new one and dealing with relocation. When people don’t focus entirely on the task, they make mistakes. For example, moving from Miami to Texas is a complex endeavor. Again, if you hire interstate movers, it’s a slightly different story than opting for a DIY relocation, as experts will help you reach Texas with ease whenever you need it. But even so, there are other arrangements you will probably be made in parallel with trying to sell your old home. Making a mistake with DIY home staging can cost you a lot. Therefore, unless you are relaxed and with nothing special on your mind, there’s a good chance you will make one in all that mess. 


Items you think are fantastic may be atrocious to others

When emotions are part of the equation, you can’t be sure you are thinking straight. And leaving home is a bit difficult to digest emotionally. All your stuff around may seem cool, so you might leave them there in plain sight. But to the people inspecting your home, they might be atrocious. They will not be able to focus on the good things they see. You don’t want to lose that perfect buyer that will love your home and pay well for it just because that old baseball bat looks so cool and must be on display. 

As one of the renowned moving companies, National Moving Services often advises their clients to make it easier for you and others to pack those relevant items for you first. Know exactly where they are, but still, put them away. The chances are very high that the buyers will not understand their value. They won’t be able to see past the emotional charge such belongings possess. 

A wall with many framed pictures and other decorative items.
Your idea of cool may not coincide with what others think, especially regarding items of value for you.

You might not have the right vision in your head

Inexperience and zero training in architecture or interior design make it very hard for you to envision what you intend to change in your home. That leads to investing a certain amount of money into staging, for example, only to discover that it all doesn’t look that good together. People who provide professional staging services have a pretty clear picture of the rooms’ appearance once their job is done. You would be obliged to either stick with your unsatisfactory outcome or make some changes bound to cost you. It is another reason why hiring these experts can be cheaper than when you do it yourself.


Final thoughts 

Leave it to the pros – it’s one of those sentences you often hear. The truth is, letting the pros do it can save you time and money. And most importantly, it can provide the results you want. DIY home staging can hinder your success in snagging an excellent deal. Therefore, think twice if that was your intention.

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