Why Realtors Love Working with Showhomes

Ask any Realtor, and they’ll tell you one of the hardest parts of selling a home is telling a seller their home needs to be redecorated for a sale. That’s where Showhomes, the U.S.’s largest home-staging franchise, steps in. 

Showhomes, founded in 1986, has helped Realtors and homeowners sell more than 30,000 homes for a market value of over $10 billion thanks to its comprehensive approach to home staging. 

Home staging has emerged as a lucrative industry in the red-hot real estate market of 2020 as designers and Realtors recognize the tremendous value that a well-furnished and decorated home brings to a property sale. 

But not every home-staging business is created equal. Realtors love Showhomes specifically because of its comprehensive approach and ability to deliver on any project. 

“It’s not even a question,” said Ginny Sylvester, a real estate broker and owner with two decades of experience in the Western Chicago suburbs said of Showhomes. “I will get more money for your house, and it will sell faster.”

Showhomes has developed a reputation for real success that has enabled them to post impressive numbers in 2019 and keep growing amid a pandemic.

What makes Showhomes so special? “They keep up with the trends,” said Sylvester. “They have great furniture that looks modern but still appeals to any type of buyer.”

Other Realtors pointed to Showhomes’ ability to get the job done no matter what the scope. Showhomes doesn’t just stage homes; the brand offers four different services that correspond to separate revenue streams for franchisees: vacant home staging, home restyles, home updating and executive home staging.

“I had Showhomes go into a home to do a remodel of the kitchen,” Earla Clark, a North Carolina-area Realtor said. “We put it on the market shortly after that and it sold far above the asking price because of that kitchen. We were in a $160,000 neighborhood and got $199,000 for that house. It was because of the design and the quality of materials used by Showhomes.” 

Another Showhomes-specific service Realtors love is home management. With this service, a vetted home manager lives in a house while it’s being shown. They maintain the property, mow the lawn, keep lights on and clean and in a moment’s notice they’ll have the home ready for a showing. 

“I just love the all-inclusive home manager option because you end up getting the whole house furnished or staged, and when showing requests come in they take care of that,” said Suzanne Ramm, a North Carolina Realtor. “It’s hard to leave a vacant house. You never know if a pipe is going to burst or something will happen that ruins your next showing.”

But with Showhomes, Realtors can finally be sure their homes will show in tip-top shape every time. 

“Professional, talented, and efficient are what define Showhomes of the Triad to me. The team is extremely responsive to the needs of the homeowner and the real estate professionals. I highly recommend Showhomes of the Triad to anyone looking to spruce up their environment and aid them in the selling process,” Frances Giamo, a Realtor with The Giamo Group in Greensboro, North Carolina said. 

Realtors say that Showhomes’ quality of work makes them an essential part of the real estate community. Showhomes takes on more of the role of a trusted consultant than a glorified short-term furniture rental company, as some staging businesses position themselves. 

“I list a lot of larger, upper-end homes, and a lot of time they are the original owners,” Tamara O’Connor, a Realtor and the broker and owner of Premier Living Properties in suburban Chicago said. “They’re well-maintained but were probably last decorated 20 years ago. I can talk to sellers about staging the home to appeal to the masses, but Showhomes will meet with them and do a walkthrough. Through their voice, they can tell them what they need to do and get rid of. It’s a huge value, and not as emotionally upsetting as when a Realtor tells them to get rid of their furniture. It makes the sellers not hate me!” 

For O’Connor, it makes sense for her to pay Showhomes even when her sellers won’t. 

“At the end of the day, if I go with Showhomes, the house is going to sell faster. They’re going to get their sale faster, and I’m going to get my check faster. Plus it’s a higher sale, so my staff likes it,” she said. 

With 60 Showhomes offices in 18 states, the brand is becoming a real part of the real estate community. When Realtors say they love Showhomes, they mean it. 

“They’re just a fun group to work with,” said Clark. “It’s not just a company we do business with. They’re people I want to have a drink with.”

The estimated initial investment to own a Showhomes franchise ranges from $85,600 to $164,500. This includes a $49,900 franchise fee.To learn more about franchising with Showhomes, please visit https://www.showhomesfranchise.com/.