Staging Trends in 2021

Trends for 2021

I know we are still in a seller’s market, but there are
still several things that you can do to grab those buyers’ attention and get
the highest price possible.  Here are
some suggestions….

       Stage a Home Office – with a large
portion of the population working from home, a home office has become Very
important.  Many homes have a separate
office area, but even if there isn’t a designated area, try to make one.  Maybe use an extra bedroom, a loft area or
even an area in the master bedroom.

       Use Plenty of Greenery – greenery really can
complete an area.  It seems to give it
that little “something” to finish the decor of a room.  You do not have to go overboard, a little can
make a nice impact.

Showcase Your Staged Homes Online – Professional
pictures!   Phones have phenomenal
cameras these days and can really get some great shots (we use many
ourselves).  But there is something about
professional pictures that really gives the ability to see the whole room.  You may have to take several shots with the
phone, but the photographer can get the whole shot!  We have used Windowstill several times and
have been very happy with their photographers and service!

Neutral paint and Pops of colors – Having
an overall neutral palette is going to draw more people to your home.  Bringing in the Pops of color in pillows, artwork,
throws is a much wiser choice than putting it on the whole wall or room. 

Warm Space – We really focus on keeping
things neutral, to appeal to the widest audience, but make sure you warm up the
space to make potential buyers feel at home. 
Pillows, throws, wood accents all help in this area

Sometimes this may seem a little overwhelming.  That is why we are here!  Showhomes is here to help the seller make
their home look & “feel” the most attractive it can to your potential
buyer!  Let us know how we can help
you.  While you are here, check out our