Over Winter?

Us too!  But living in
Michigan it is better to try and enjoy it instead of dreading it.  So, here are some ideas to get you through…

  • Take a Bath – a hot bubbly one or get one of those bath
    bombs that you keep hearing so much about. 
    Grab a glass of wine & Ahhhh!
  • Outdoor Sports – Yes, they do actually have outdoor sports
    for winter.  Remember, there is a whole
    season of Olympic Games based on them. 
    So, do something you loved as a kid (sledding or ice skating) or try
    something knew (skiing or snowboarding – Luge anyone ??)
  • Take a Walk – Bundle up and take a walk!  Go to a downtown area or out into a
    park.  Take advantage of those sunny days
    & get as much vitamin D as you can. 
    It will help boost your mood.
  • Enjoy some Hot Chocolate – when was the last time you put
    some little marshmallows in a nice mug of deliciousness?
  • Family Night/Day – grab a game or get some snacks and watch
    a movie that everyone loves.  I know
    Christmas is over, but if Elf is your Favorite – watch it again.
  • Read a Book – fiction, self-help, autobiography, comic,
    romance…whatever your fancy. 
  • Make some plans – Spring projects or vacation…start
    planning!  You will be that much further
    ahead and start getting excited for them.
  • Crafts – as simple as grabbing a coloring book (adult or
    kid, no judgement here) or as complex as building a bookcase.
  • Bake – make your favorite brownies or experiment with a new
    recipe.  Try making your favorite recipe
    “healthier” – avocado brownies (I hear they are delicious)

Feel free to do them all separately or even combine!!  A nice bath with a book, hot chocolate &
your treat that you just baked – Perfect ??

We are almost there Michigan – hang in there!  But keep this list handy for when you need it
again next winter!!