For Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Becoming A Showhomes Franchisee Is A Natural Next Step

For Real Estate Agents And Brokers, Becoming A Showhomes Franchisee Is A Natural Next Step

Coral Gables July 2016When Showhomes, the nation’s largest and most successful home staging franchise, decides to bring its concept to a new community, it first looks for the right franchisee. The brand’s selection process takes the basics into account, like whether or not prospective owners have the appropriate financial capability and skill set required to run their own business. But choosing the right franchisee doesn’t stop there. Showhomes has found that there’s one type of local owner who stands out above the rest: real estate professionals.

Real estate agents and brokers are a natural fit in Showhomes’ impressive franchise system. As entrepreneurs who already have a passion for real estate and design, realtors bring an unparalleled level of experience to the table. From their knowledge of the ever-evolving industry to their eye for home design, real estate professionals excel as Showhomes franchisees.

“It comes down to the fact that they understand what we do and the added value that we bring throughout the entire home selling process,” said Matt Kelton, Showhomes’ COO. “They’re also working with the same customer base that we are—between home owners and other realtors, they have a strong network of contacts within the real estate industry that’s invaluable when growing a business.”

One franchisee who perfectly exemplifies the advantages real estate professionals have when they decide to team up with Showhomes is Kent Welch. Welch, a real estate broker in Kansas City, first came across Showhomes when the local owner in his area stopped by his office. Welch saw an incredible opportunity to leverage his extensive real estate knowledge, and jumped at the chance to own his own franchise.

“When I first learned about Showhomes, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me. Between my experience as a real estate broker and the brand’s proven concept, I knew it was a recipe for success,” said Welch. “I have the upper hand because I understand real estate and how realtors think. I can relate to them on a different level and explain why Showhomes’ program works so well.”

Beyond the skills that real estate professionals and Showhomes franchisees share, the brand also opens the door to unique opportunities that real estate agents and brokers outside the franchise system don’t have. Showhomes offers consistent revenue in an industry that’s traditionally based on commissions.

“Residential real estate can be feast or famine—it’s not uncommon for people in the industry to sell tons of houses one month and none the next,” said Kelton. “Showhomes provides stability that realtors typically find attractive.”

Showhomes provides all of its franchisees—including real estate agents and brokers— with an incredibly affordable investment opportunity. Initial investments typically range from $45,300 to $78,000. The brand also provides extensive training and support to help its owners get their businesses off the ground.

Showhomes prides itself on being a tightly knit organization that fosters success. By expanding its brand with the help of real estate agents and brokers across the country, it will continue to build up a strong network of local franchisees.

“Showhomes sets its franchisees up for success right off the bat. The brand consistently provides the best home staging service in the industry, and real estate professionals across the country trust us to deliver. That makes it easy for me as a franchisee to continue to find new clients and ultimately grow my business,” Welch said.