How Elisa and Brandon Macombers Became Model Showhomes Franchisees

Three years ago, Brandon Macomber was feeling burnt out. After years in the banking industry, he was sick of the traveling his job required, and he wanted to spend more time with his wife, Elisa. At the same time, Elisa also found herself ready for a change. The career visual-merchandiser had started her own home-staging business, and she felt had reached the limit of how far she could grow on her own. So the couple began looking for new business options. That’s when they discovered the home-staging franchiseShowhomes.

Between Brandon’s business acumen and Elisa’s passion for home staging, it didn’t take long for the Macombers to decide that Showhomes was what they were searching for. “We knew when we found Showhomes that it was the perfect fit for both of us,” Elisa said.

The Macomber’s Showhomes franchise in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been in business for a little more than two years now, and Elisa says both she and Brandon have found a lot to love in the operation.

“We get to work with so many great people, and it’s rewarding for us to help homeowners beautify their homes and sell them faster,” she said. “There’s a real pride in seeing our work pay off.”

Elisa says the Showhomes franchise system has been the crucial piece of the puzzle in her efforts to grow her home-staging business. “It’s like a garden, if you put your time, effort and heart into it, it will grow.”

“There are so many benefits of being a franchise owner,” she said. “We have a strong support network, both from the corporate team and other franchisees, who have all sorts of backgrounds and experiences that we can draw from. It’s also great to have our work recognized by the system.”

That’s not to say the business hasn’t come without any challenges. Elisa and Brandon are both  hearing impaired, and they’ve had to adjust Showhome’s operational model slightly to effectively communicate with customers.

“It can be a challenge with the phone sometimes,” said Elisa, who suffered a profound bilateral hearing loss at 15 months old and now wears a cochlear implant and processor. “We make it work with texting, email and the answering service that Showhomes provides for franchisees.”

The Macombers also employ two part-time team members who help run the day-to-day operations. For in-home appointments, Elisa says she and Brandon use each other to fill in anything they might miss in conversation.

“We both read lips, but it can be difficult keeping up with a conversation that involves more than two people,” she said. “Now and then, one of us will miss something and look at the other for help, and that always makes us laugh. We also have to remind people to look at us while talking, which can be difficult when you are walking through a house while trying to look at the house’s features and layout.”

Those challenges have not stopped Elisa and Brandon from effectively growing their business, and according to Showhomes COO Matt Kelton, the pair represents everything the brand is looking for in franchisees.

“Elisa and Brandon are truly model franchisees in just about every way,” he said. “They are positive, they work extremely hard, they have a wonderful creative flair for design, and they support other franchisees. They also know exactly how to follow the Showhomes system and are great about suggesting ways for us to improve the model. Honestly, I wish we had 30 more of them.”

As the Macombers look toward their third year with Showhomes, Elisa says they are still focused on growth.

“We are in the process of acquiring a box truck with a wrap of our logo to increase brand awareness, and we’re always looking to take on more clients,” she said. “Showhomes has given us some amazing tools to work with, and we’re excited to make the most of them and keep growing our business.