5 Reasons Your Home Is Not Selling

Selling a home, especially in highly competitive markets, is not easy. You need to put in the work and even make investments to make it a more attractive purchase. However, if you are approaching the process the wrong way, you can quickly end up spending months with no results to show for it. And the longer your house is on the market, the more complex and harder it will get to sell it. What you need to do is learn more about the challenge you are facing and just how to overcome it! To this end, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons your home is not selling!


Bad staging

The first of the potential reasons your home is not selling is bad staging. Now, everyone is aware of the fact that professional staging can help you sell your home. It is a visually impressive experience that lets buyers view the property in the best possible light. However, few are aware of just how bad it can sabotage you! And we are not just talking about leaving your house a mess anyone would find repulsive. You could, seemingly, do everything right, and people would still be unwilling to commit to the purchase. Why? Well, your house can look too ‘lived in’ for a buyer’s taste. You see, buyers like to imagine themselves in the space. Leaving too many personal decorations up can either clash with their tastes or make them feel like they’re intruding. That makes them uncomfortable and unwilling to buy.

A properly staged room
Go for soft colors and unassuming décor.

Problems with the house

One of the most serious reasons your home is not selling is that it reveals problems during a home inspection. You may not think that a bit of mold and a few minor leaks are huge. Often, they’re not, and they’re cheap to fix up to boot. However, buyers see things a little differently. First, no matter how minor the cost, they’d be reluctant to invest in a purchase as large as a house. Then, there’s the fact that ‘smaller’ problems might hide bigger ones. This fear makes a discerning buyer back off and look for a ‘safer’ purchase. Finally, in most people’s eyes, leaving such minor repairs behind shows laziness on the seller’s part. So, as the experts from consumeropinion.org like to point out, it’s better to prevent such issues and look for professionals that can do the repairs or do them yourself.


Bad sale timing

Unfortunately, another of the reasons why your home is not selling could just be bad timing. There are peak seasons for selling, and there are off-seasons. They somewhat depend on your local housing market. However, by and large, summer and particularly spring are more ‘popular’ seasons for selling, while fall and winter are much less popular and see far fewer buyers. That isn’t to say it’s impossible to sell your house before the end of the year. It’s much more complicated, and you need a much more competitive property to pull it off. Of course, if you manage to pull off your preparations for the sale and the presentation of your property, you can still very much succeed! Just know that closing a deal at all is not the biggest challenge. During the off-season, you will also struggle to sell for a reasonable price.


The power of first impressions

It is as silly as it is shallow, but buyers prefer ‘pretty’ homes even if they are in worse condition than homes that are not as well put together. Are there factors that can overpower the importance of first impressions? Of course, such as a good floor plan or a fantastic neighborhood. However, if there are two comparable houses to choose from, the ‘prettier’ one would always win. So, it would help if you spent some time preparing your home. Investing in its exterior and yard is especially smart. If you invest in an impressive garden and add a fresh layer of paint to your home, you’ll find a buyer in no time. So, if you opt to do this and are preparing for long-distance moving and looking for a moving company since you prefer to look for expert help, make sure to plan!


Painting equipment
One of the reasons your home is not selling can be its appearance.

Working with the wrong agent

Your agent can make or break your home sale, which is why the last of the reasons your home is not selling is working with the wrong agent! You see, a proper agent has lots of connections in the market, can advise you on the right price to set your home, has your back when it comes to the legalities of the process, and can even help you stage your home just the right way. On the other hand, following the advice of a bad agent would quickly result in your home languishing on the market for months until your listing has proven so unpopular agents stop recommending it to their clients entirely. So, if you want your home to sell, look into the agent you want to hire. And it would help if you asked them for some references from past clients, so you get their impressions.

A realtor holding a key
A realtor can help you plan your new home purchase.

Final comment

If you use our list of 5 reasons your home is not selling, you can identify and fix the mistakes you’ve made. Regardless, if your home has sat on the market for a while, we recommend taking down your listing first. Old listings get pushed down, making things all the more difficult even once you’ve finally fixed all the problems with your sales approach. It is much better to start fresh, especially if you’ve decided to switch to an entirely new agent! With their support, your newly perfected sale strategy, and picking the right time to sell, you’ll finally be able to close the sale and move on to a new chapter of your life. Just remember that fixing some of the problems we’ve pointed out might take some time. Renovations, for example, can hardly be completed in a day or two!


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