Arden, North Carolina: A Fantastic Place to Start or Relocate Your Business

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Are you looking for the perfect place to start or relocate your business? Look no further than Arden, North Carolina! With its vibrant business climate and proximity to Asheville, Arden is an ideal place to get started. Let’s take a closer look at all that this charming city has to offer.

Business Climate in Arden

Arden is a great place for entrepreneurs to set up shop. This Asheville suburb has a thriving economy with a low unemployment rate and plenty of opportunity for growth. Additionally, the local government offers ample support for small businesses through the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Technology & Development Center in Asheville. These organizations provide helpful resources and services to help small businesses succeed in their endeavors.

The Cons of Running Your Business in Arden

There are some drawbacks to starting a business in Arden. The cost of living is relatively high compared to other areas in the state, making it difficult for small businesses to get started. Additionally, the business regulations and restrictions in the state can make it difficult to comply with all the necessary regulations on time. Additionally, Arden’s economy is very dependent on tourism, which can be volatile during certain times of the year.

The Pros of Running Your Business in Arden

Although there are some disadvantages, the city of Arden, located in Buncombe County, can be a great place to start a business. Not only is it close to Asheville, NC and other larger cities, the area has several tax incentives for businesses that provide new jobs or create investment opportunities.  The area also provides access to a wide range of resources, including educational and training programs, networking opportunities, and business-friendly laws. Local business owner Nancy Jones is passionate about having her business in Arden. She said, “We love having our business in Arden, NC and plan to be here for many many more years to come!”


Despite these drawbacks, starting a business in Arden can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the effort to make their business successful. With access to a wide range of resources, incentives, and laws, Arden can be a great place for businesses to get established and grow.  Additionally, due to its close proximity to other larger cities and its thriving tourism industry, Arden can offer unique opportunities for businesses that are willing to take

Community Feel in Arden

Arden has a strong sense of community among its residents and businesses alike. People here are friendly and welcoming, which makes it easy to build relationships with potential customers or even partners/investors for your venture. Additionally, there are numerous organizations dedicated to supporting small businesses throughout the area which can be invaluable resources when trying to navigate unfamiliar waters as an entrepreneur.

Quality of Life in Arden

One of the best things about starting or relocating your business to Arden is that you get access to a great quality of life outside of work too! The city offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots, parks, and more; plus, it’s only minutes away from downtown Asheville, where you can enjoy unique restaurants and shops or take part in one-of-a-kind cultural events like music festivals or art galleries. All these activities will help keep you balanced between work and play.

Workforce Education Level in Arden

The workforce education level here is high thanks to some excellent schools both at the K-12 level as well as universities, like UNC Asheville just down the street from downtown Arden proper. This means that you have access to talented workers who can help make sure your business runs smoothly while also providing opportunities for growth within your team later on down the line.

Quick-Start Business Checklist

Starting or relocating a business can seem daunting at first, but thankfully, there are steps you can take right away that will put you on track toward success. Here’s a quick checklist that covers some basics when setting up shop in Arden:


  • Choose an appropriate name for your business (if necessary)
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Establish your designation as an LLC in North Carolina (if desired)
  • Register with the state government
  • Obtain required licenses/permits
  • Set up a business bank account
  • Get office space/equipment
  • Start marketing yourself online and offline

Get Established in Arden

From its vibrant business climate and fantastic quality of life all around, there’s no doubt that relocating or starting a business in Arden would be beneficial. With everything from helpful resources provided by local organizations all the way down to basic steps like setting up LLCs, entrepreneurship in Arden has never been easier! So why not take advantage today? Make sure you check out all that this charming city has to offer. You won’t regret it!