Home Trends for 2023 That Will Make an Impact with Home Staging

It’s hard to believe that the new year is approaching. A new year means new design trends. New paint colors that homeowners will be vying for, new home priorities for stagers to play up, etc. However, some trends are also here to stay! Keep reading to find out what’s in store for your home in the new year – whether you’re selling or buying.


A Space For Wellness

Wellness seems to be the buzzword these last few years, and for good reason! Our homes are more than just a place to retire to after a long day of work, they are our sanctuaries too. Those in the market are increasingly looking for a house that can foster a sense of wellness. So what does this mean for someone who is selling their home? It means accentuating the amount of natural light in the home and staging parts of the home for wellness activities. Natural light is a huge boost in mood, and unblocking windows and removing heavy drapery can make a space feel brighter, lighter, and larger! Staging your home to accentuate wellness may be as simple as creating a reading nook in the primary suite or even a full workout space if your home has a gym.


A Space To Work

Did you know that in 2022 nearly 40% of the US workforce either worked remotely, or had the option to? That means home offices are not only here to stay, they are essential. If you home has a space for a home office, don’t forget to highlight that. With staging, we can make your home office welcoming, and excentuation it as a real asset in your listing. If you don’t have a designated home office space, this doesn’t mean you can’t create one. A quiet nook in the home, or a flex space can be expertly staged and used as a home office, allowing buyers to see the potential.


Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always in style! We are seeing a lot of warm neutrals, from sandy whites to warm grays and tans. Homeowners are looking for a home that radiates warmth and a welcoming feeling, without being overly personal. Warm neutral colors are the perfect background for this. We are seeing cold grays, and grey washed floors on their way out, and are embracing the traditional warm neutrals that many designers are using in the industry right now. If you’re struggling with paint color ideas for a home you want to sell, let us guide you in the right direction!

Indoor Plants

At Showhomes, we’ve always been a fan of bringing greenery into every space! We love the pop of texture and color a plant adds to the space. While it’s nice to have real plants in a home that’s occupied, when staging a home, it’s ideal to have that look without having to worry about maintenance. We use an assortment of faux plants in all rooms of the house. From beautiful orchids to add a spa-like feel in the bathroom to overflowing ferns on the front porch, adding greenery will indeed add that extra touch to your staged home.

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