Selling Your Home Faster With An Amazing Listing

Selling Your Home Faster With An Amazing Listing

Selling your home can be scary! You want it to sell fast and easy. However, it can be tough when your listing isn’t attractive enough to buyers. If you truly want to sell your home, you’re going to need to have staged photographs, descriptive words and some enticing features. But, not to worry, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

  1. Take Amazing Photographs

One of the first things buyers look at when shopping for a new home is the pictures. With no doubt that the photos of the exterior of the house will have them interested. They continue to click on your home. Now, you must make sure that not only do you have enough photos but also that each picture shows the highest potential for each staged room. Most people will hire a staging crew like Tampa Staging to set the stage for the most inviting photographs to help sell the home. The use of professional staging like ShowHomes Tampa; can make the home more inspiring, elegant and sell faster.

Note: Please do not use low-quality cell phone pictures.

2. Highlight the Greatest Features

What kind of upgrades have you done to the home? Maybe you’ve installed granite countertops or added a new spa Jacuzzi tub to the master bathroom. Your potential buyers want to know what makes the house unique. Be sure to include some of the homes best-selling features like the kitchen and bathroom.

Name brands are always a hit! If you have a top of the line, smart refrigerator, be sure to use its name! “Recently installed was an LG Signature series refrigerator with touch screen door.” Most people will be looking at these name brand when they come to look at the home, but better yet they can know about it before!

Don’t go overboard and keep it true. Make sure when you describe some features that they are amazing and not broken, cracked, or torn. There’s nothing more disappointing than going into a home expecting to walk into a breathtaking sunroom, and seeing that the windows leak.

3. Words Words Words

Words are very important when trying to sell your home. Your audience should be captivated into wanting to read more about the house, so start off strong.

For example, saying “elegant” dining room or “luxurious” master bathroom will put the reader on high alert. These words help make the rooms stand out. However, there are a few words that you should avoid as well.

Words that stand out:




Words to avoid:

Clean (I’d hope so)

Best value

Must sell

4. Be Descriptive in Your Listing!

Remember to keep it short simple, and true. There’s not a lot of room to go into detail about every room in the house, nor would you want to.  People want to know about their future home in the most captivating way. Personally, I want to be sold on the house before I even go to look at it!

If you truly believe your home will sell then write your listing from your heart. What do you love about your own home? How will others love it too?