How to Stage Your Master Bedroom

Staging the Master Bedroom

Home stagers take pride in everything that they do, outside and in.  They want to make sure the outside of the home, along with the inside of the home, are set up to make the home will sell quickly.

In doing this, the home stager will focus on focal points in the home:  the exterior or the curb appeal, the kitchen; where everyone gathers, and the master bedroom; where the potential homeowners will want to retire at the end of the day.  A good home staging company will make sure that the home is brighter, appears bigger, cleaner, is welcoming and will sell quickly.

Staging the master bedroom is very important.  No two homes are the same. The home stager will need to take a close look at all the rooms and figure out which room would be the most obvious room as the master.  The stager will put their attention and efforts towards this room because this will be where the new homeowner will want to retreat at the end of the day.

Here are some items that the home staging company will focus on in the master bedroom:


If the homeowner is still in the house while it is on the market, the home stager will make sure there is little to no clutter.  It is important to make sure the room looks airy and welcoming. There should be very minimal items in the master bedroom. The stager will make sure that there are only a bed, one or two nightstands (depending on the room size), a dresser, and a mirror.  The stager will “dress-up” the night stands with a little table lamp and maybe book or small vase with a single flower in it. It is also important that if there is a television in the room, it should also be removed.

If the home is vacant while it is on the market, again the stager will keep it simple.  There will be a bed, with a small headboard, nightstands with a little table lamp, a dresser, and a mirror.  They may even through down a little rug that matches the rest of the decor in the master bedroom.

The Bedding

The bedding will be kept simple, yet elegant since this is the main focal point of the room.  The colors of the bedding will be the determining factor of the whole room. The sheets will be white so that it gives the bed a “crisper” look.  The comforter will be simple with neutral colors like white, beige or grey. The stager will add a couple extra pillows on the bed to make it feel like an elegant hotel.  

They may even throw on a jeweled or designed small pillow that goes with the colors of the room. If this is a smaller size master bedroom, the stager will be sure to stay away from heavy fabrics so the room doesn’t feel claustrophobic.  The potential homeowner needs to see themselves walking into the master bedroom after a long day and just relaxing.

Windows and Lighting

Sources of natural light are visually appealing and welcoming, so the home stager will make sure that the window or windows are another focal point in the master bedroom.  The stager will make sure that the drapes or curtains are simple, yet elegant and go in sync with the bedding. The stager will also make sure that the curtains or drapes are open during a showing because natural light is desirable and visually appealing.  The glass will also be free of spots, smudges, and fingerprints!

Increase the wattage of the light bulbs to help enhance the lighting of the master bedroom.  To enhance the mood lighting, use a more ambient light. Add task lights above the headboard or on the nightstand so the potential homeowner can see themselves sitting there in the evening reading a book and relaxing for the evening.  If the home stager wants, and power allows, they will add accent lights to the walls.

Lighting is crucial to staging and making sure the lighting is just right and brings the best qualities that the home has to offer.

The Closet

The main focus of the master bedroom is the room itself, however, you don’t want to forget the closet.  This is an important feature of the master bedroom. The potential home homeowner will want to see their clothes hanging in the closet.  If the seller is still living in the home while it is on the market, they need to keep in mind that every door will be opened so that potential homeowner can see their own items in each and every room or closet of the home.

It is important to make sure the closet is also no cluttered.  The stager will make sure the current homeowner uses storage containers to help declutter the master bedroom closet.  Declutter the closet will also make it bigger to the potential homeowner.

The master bedroom is another important room in the home that is being sold.  Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to see before and after pictures of other master bedrooms we have done!