Home Staging vs. Interior Design

Home Staging vs. Interior Design

When you hear the words “interior designer” many people think of someone who can decorate any room to make it look amazing. Most people also think those same thoughts about a home stager. These are two completely different jobs out there in the market. Even when googled, these two words come up synonymously, so be careful. So what is the difference between the two?  What are you exactly looking for?

Home Staging is when you need your home or rooms staged quickly and professionally usually help sell the home, office space, etc. This is not a permanent arrangement in any space. A company or person will come to a home to help it sell for its highest value. The stager will offer different furniture and props that you can rent from to make your room look up to date and larger than it seems. The goal is to appeal to the potential buyer of the home or office. Usually, most of the personal belongings will be removed, neutral colors and few props will be added. The props and furniture are usually removed once the open house show is over or the place has been purchased.  Don’t worry about spending money on “nick knacks” or finishing touches. More is less in this business. A home stager usually will work with a real estate agent (if they are not one themselves). This will help to guarantee the sale of the home or office.

An Interior designer is most certainly someone you want to hire if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your home. When a house is not on the market, and a person is looking for a remodel of their kitchen or living room, etc., they should consider an interior designer. They will customize a room to your liking while making it look like a million dollars. Not only will you pay the designer to help create an amazing space but you will all purchase all the materials that will be in your home forever. Instead of adding natural colors, the designer may go with colors that are bolder and decorations that are more personable, like large picture frames.

They are similar in that they both involve redecorating a room for an audience. I’m sure both parties are fabulous at doing what they know best; making a room look welcoming to you and your guests. Hopefully, whoever you want to hire has a portfolio of recent rooms to show you so that you know their style of redecorating. The purpose of redoing the rooms is the difference. However, when looking for one or the other, be sure to know what you are getting into. Are you selling your home or looking to make your place more compatible with your style.

Now knowing the difference between the two, you can safely google the home staging company you’ve been looking for.  Staging your home will always optimize the sale of your home.

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