4 Tips to Staging The Garage

4 Tips to Staging The Garage

Next to having a large kitchen, the garage is one of the most looked at and important rooms in a home when considering buying a house. When you think about it, we use our garages for everything, not just storing our vehicles.  Staging the garage is essential to selling your home. So, how does one stage their garage? Here are a few tips on how to make your garage the selling point to your home.

1.      Organize

It’s easy to throw all our unwanted stuff in the garage. However, put things in organized totes and bins and label them. This will also help you in the long run when you go to move. Be sure to have all tools and bikes put away. Optimize the space of the garage by hanging things on the walls or even the ceiling. Having a few shelves would help to store all the extra belongings. An organized garage will help the buyer imagine their future space.

2.      Add Lighting

A garage door opener light is not sufficient in a garage. Many people work in their garage on projects or cars. Add large lights to have an adequate light source for your future homebuyer to work in that space. If there is a window on one side, be sure that it’s clean so the sun can light up the area. Don’t forget to add a few extra outlets as well for those who might have many tools or accessories.

3.      Paint

After a while, garage floors can get dirty with oils and other debris. Adding a fresh coat of paint on the floor can make it feel more inviting and clean. It can also make the surface area look bigger with a brighter color on the floor. If the walls are not painted, go ahead and add a light primer coat to help it feel new again.

4.      Clean

Sweep, dust and get rid of any trash. Clean out the old Christmas decorations that are broken or unwanted. One of the most used doors is the one from the garage into the house. We don’t think about it, but it can become pretty dirty; wipe down the handle and door. A clean garage will help the seller truly see its potential. If possible, try not to store your moving boxes in the garage. The future buyer wants to see the available space.