ABOUT Interior Design

Refresh & Restyle

Often times, an extra set of eyes and some expert advice is all you need to transform your home.

Showhomes design consultations give you access to our experienced design team, who will evaluate your home and provide you with a comprehensive plan for staging and updating your space— complete with recommendations on furniture, color schemes, layout and more!

If you’re looking for stylish design ideas for your current home, our interior design services are for you. Our professional designers give direction on decorating trends, furniture placement, color choices, home updates, and much more.

Home Restyles

Is your home in need of a fresh, updated look? Restyle your space using your own furniture! Our design team can curate a new vision for your space by organizing, decluttering, and rearranging pieces you already own. Then, we’ll bring in new, hand-picked accessories as a final touch– allowing new energy to enter your space.