ABOUT Home Staging

Vacant & Owner-Occupied Home Staging

Today, Stafford’s real estate market is competitive for both buyers and sellers. However, experienced real estate agents know that beautifully designed and staged homes have more buyer appeal than vacant or non-staged homes. Statistics have shown that staged homes sell faster, bring higher offers, and create happier sellers. At Showhomes we take pride in making every home more functional, inviting, and marketable.

Jamie Decatur, Showhomes’ lead designer has been staging high-end homes throughout the area for over 13 years. Showhomes is America’s Leader in Home Staging with a proven method to stage and market your home for sale. We provide staging options for vacant and occupied homes, whether full staging or partial home staging.

Showhomes provides customized staging solutions tailored to each home. Staging options include design and decorating by staging professionals, whole house staging or partial home staging as well.

“Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, but a MUST. It’s what will make the difference in whether your home sells or not.” – Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran.