Strategy for Sellers in a Changing Market

The highly respected INMAN News for Real Estate professionals recently stated that with the recent mortgage rate hikes and expanding inventory of homes, that there is a shift happening in the residential real estate market.  The market is still hot, but is showing signs of slowing down.  In this article, INMAN gave 7 Do’s and Don’t for Sellers in a shifting market.

We were particularly happy to see this one:

Stage and Prep the Home – Make sure the homes are well-prepped, STAGED, priced and marketed better than competing homes down the street. “

We couldn’t agree more!  In fact, staging a home is always a good idea to help get more interest from buyers, get more offers and command top dollar for a home on the market for sale. But in a more normal market where there is more competitive homes for sales at the same price point in your, sellers need to make your home stand out from the rest. You need to strategically market the home to help it sell quicker and for more money.

Let Showhomes San Diego help with the staging and prepping of your home.  You may know we do luxury staging and have for over 12 years, but did you know we also provide a full range of update/light remodeling services like new flooring, painting, on trend lighting, kitchen/bathroom countertops and more.

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