Selling With The Holidays: Linda Craft Team Podcast

Our Lead Staging Designer, Kristy Slater, sat down with the Linda Craft Team of Realtors, answering questions about selling your home during the holiday season. You can watch the interview on Facebook, which is full of helpful knowledge! We also broke down Kristy’s navigation on the topic below.

Why should you put your home on the market around the holidays:

  • Serious buyers are out there! 
  • Kids are out of school around this time, which makes moving easier
  • Slower time of year, less busy with work, and more time to pack & move
  • Great time to relocate; a fresh start to the year!

Is it okay to decorate and put your holiday spirit in your home?

  • Yes! It’s still your home 
  • If you do it tastefully and it is cohesive with your house
  • Don’t go overboard, overly religious, or overly personal (this tip applies year-round!)
  • Keep it simple and tactful
  • Don’t skip decorations; it adds warmth and emotional connection. People expect it!

Best use of decor:

  • Use your decor to highlight the bones of the house!
  • Make it welcoming and comfortable (knit blankets, cozy textures)
  • Play up your mantel to showcase a beautiful fireplace or a tall Christmas tree in an open window
  • Be cohesive and scale back

The key is making the decorations tactful. You don’t want to hide any selling points of your home. Holiday decor should add an emotional element and warmth – not distract.

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