Why Stage in a HOT Seller’s Market

It is true: this market is hot, hot, hot. With fewer listings and low interest rates, it seems to be a rather lucrative seller’s market. Chances are that if a home is priced right, in a good location, and in reasonably good condition, it will likely sell within the average time on the market. If you are selling your home, the most important consideration right now is timing. And, if have been thinking that now is the time to move, it may very well be in your favor to do so. However, the flip side is that buying a new home may cost you more. With the current pandemic reality, you may be less inclined to make a move during an uncertain time. If you do decide to list your home, you and your Realtor® may be wondering whether staging should be included in the selling strategy.

You will likely be competing in the same price point as a number of other sellers. By investing in staging, your home is likely to stand out among the crowd with exceptional visual impact and a compelling reason to arrange a showing. More so than ever before, buyers are shopping more intensely online, limiting showings to just a few at the very top of the list, and making offers after the first showing. The old saying rings true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Choosing to follow a professional stager’s advice or to have a vacant home staged may increase the opportunity for a quicker sale. Investors who stage know this – time on market matters. Faster sales lead to the next opportunity.

If you are considering selling, make sure that professional staging is a part of the strategy that you and your real estate agent have in leveraging this seller’s market to your best advantage.