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Showhomes home staging in Greater Raleigh offers homeowners an opportunity to get the best return on their investment. Showhomes helps sellers get the highest and best offers. We help sellers get their homes ready for sale, not just with staging, but also cosmetic updates to truly make sure the home stands out from the crowd.

Staging ensures you make a great first impression. Whether someone sees your home for the first time in photos or prospective buyers step through your front door, we help them establish an immediate emotional connection with the home. They see how much it has to offer and feel good about making an offer.

Our numbers speak volumes.

In 2022, the average time on the market for a vacant staged home was 9.5 days versus 14 days* for unstaged homes. This is 30% less time on the market.
Listings with Showhomes home staging in Greater Raleigh sell for a higher price. Our average original list-to-sales price was 106.8% versus 102%.*
If you listed your home for $500,000 last year (below the average Wake County price), your home would have sold, on average, for $510,000.
Had you staged your home with Showhomes, you had a chance for it to have sold, on average, for $538,000! That’s an additional $28,000 made from a staging investment.

Greater Raleigh has a hot selling market. There’s a lot of population growth and lots of new construction. There is also a lot of job growth in the area.
Over the past two years, there has been an incredible seller’s market, with homes selling in just 10 days (2021) and 14 days (2022) on average.* North Carolina continues to see population growth. Good weather, the moderate cost of living, and a healthy job market all play a role in attracting people to the area. The area’s growth is partly spurred by major employers including Google, Amazon, Apple, and others moving to the area.

This last November/December, we noticed a drastic change in the housing market. Homes sold, on average, within 29 Days (November) and 34 Days (December). This slowdown also impacted the original list-to-sales prices. Wake County’s average for 2022 was 102.5%, but that declined to 96.0% in December.

These numbers are still healthy. But it’s a big contrast from last spring and shows the need for sellers to ensure their homes stand out in the market. Showhomes can help. With an investment in home staging in Greater Raleigh, you’ll get the best return and quickest sale possible.

*Wake County MLS 2022

Home Staging

Home staging prepares your home for sale in the regional market. We make the changes needed for your home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.


Home Updates

Home Updating is one of our most popular services. We’ll help you update your home with new countertops, fresh paint, modern lighting, flooring, and appliances. We offer this service to those who intend to sell their h...


Interior Design

Showhomes Greater Raleigh offers design help and color consultations for homeowners who want a change.


Short Term Rental Styling

Showhomes Greater Raleigh helps you highlight your property and get the highest ADR. Our goal is to help your short-term rental property shine with an updated design. From luxury homes to high-end condo apartments we p...


Home Manager

Home Manager Staging, our signature service, is more economical than Vacant Home Staging. In addition, it gives homeowners peace of mind that the home is always beautifully staged.



This is one of the most convenient options for updating your home. Our designers provide inspiration, sourcing, and design expertise in a room plan you access online. The plan is complete with links to purchase the sugge...



As an experienced real estate investor and coming from a family of investors and general contractors, Leanne understands the real estate market and she always wanted a career in real estate. Showhomes provided her with that opportunity while also allowing her to use her creative side, which she finds incredibly satisfying. She
loves watching these homes transform!

In addition to helping home sellers with home staging in Greater Raleigh, Showhomes has received recognition for its work in the local real estate market. Our awards include:

– Franchise of the year (2022)
– Fastest Average Sell Time (2021)
– Circle of Excellence (2021, 2022)

Success stories

Only 2 DOM!

Raleigh, NC

This Raleigh home only sat on the market for 2 days just like all other homes here on this list. It got sold for $725,000, a staggering $50,000 above its asking price!

$220,000 Above Asking Price!

Raleigh, NC

This home sold after only 5 days on the market. The home was built 1967, a split-level, traditional single-family home. The home was listed for $615,000 and was sold for $835,000.

Sold 1 Day After Staging

Raleigh, NC

After this home was updated, we staged this gorgeous home. It went under contract in ONE DAY and was sold above its asking price!

21% Above Asking Price!

Chapel Hill, NC

This sold for 21% above its asking price. After we staged the house, it only stayed on the market for a day before the homeowners accepted an offer!

$431,000 Over Asking!

Raleigh, NC

We staged this luxury home in Raleigh, NC. It went under contract in 5 days and sold for $431,000 over asking!

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frequently asked questions

  • What is home staging?
    When a home is "staged", it's furnished and decorated in a way that's carefully designed to maximize the home's appeal to prospective buyers.
  • What benefits does home staging offer to a Homeowner?
    A properly staged home has just the right quality and quantity of furnishings for a buyer to understand how rooms function and how spaces flow. Staging creates warmth, life, and positive emotion. Good staging avoids clutter or overly personalized decor that might be a turn-off to some. It maximizes the home's strengths while minimizing any shortcomings. Staging engages prospective buyers, increases their interest and perception of value. A prospective buyer becomes more likely to buy!
  • Do you provide staging services for owner-occupied homes?
    Yes, we are a full service staging organization and can provide help for homes that are occupied either for sale or for those who just want to update the look of their property.
  • What is a Home Manager?
    A Home Manager is an individual or family who assists Showhomes by living in a Showhome and caring for it while it's on the market. Showhomes painstakingly selects and trains each Home Manager in accordance with the system we've developed through three decades of experience.
  • Why would I use a Home Manager to help sell my home?
    A Home Manager benefits the Homeowner by caring for the home and reducing the Homeowner's carrying costs. Some examples of carrying costs that a Home Manager would cover would be utilities, gas, water, and the ability to take advantage of the savings of our national insurance program. The Home Manager helps in the sales effort by readying the house for showings and through the added life and emotional appeal their belongings contribute. Homes staged with live-in Home Managers typically out-perform vacant homes by large margins.
  • Is a Home Manager present during showings?
    No, Home Managers are not present during showings. Prospective buyers won't know that your home is even staged; it will simply look and feel like a homeowner lives in and loves the home. Everything is in its place and your home shows as well or better than it would if you still lived there.
  • How is Showhomes different from others who offer staging services?
    Life sells homes. Buying a home is an emotional decision for most people and Showhomes is unique in the way it helps to sell homes. Using a live in Home Manager assures you that the entire home is staged to perfection and that it is always tuned up and in show-to-sell condition. Because of this, your home is far less vulnerable to low-ball offers than it would be if it were simply staged with furniture.
  • Does Showhomes act as a Realtor?
    No. Showhomes provides staging services that make your home far more attractive to prospective buyers. Almost all Showhomes are listed by full-service Realtors. Showhomes does not represent buyers or sellers in the real estate transaction; that is the service your Realtor is trained and licensed to provide.
  • Does Showhomes offer staging services without Home Managers?
    Yes. If you are interested in staging services without a Home Manager contact your local office. Pricing varies by location.
  • Is smoking allowed in a Showhome?
    No. Our promise to homeowners is a smoke free home that appeals to the largest percentage of prospective buyers.
  • What happens when a Showhome sells?
    As soon as you accept an offer, we begin the process of relocating our Home Manager. Unlike a tenant, our Home Managers are under contract to move on short notice and once we succeed in selling your home, we are often ready to begin staging another home. We return your home to you in as good or even better condition than when we received it and the new buyers get a fresh, clean home to move into.
  • What are the benefits of being a Home Manager?
    Flexibility, low housing costs, short or long-term housing solution, no long term committment.
  • Who provides the furnishings for a Showhome?
    A critical requirement of Home Managers is that they have an inventory of fine furniture and accessories that meets our quality standards that they move from house to house. Showhomes supplements furniture as needed for each home.
  • How can I find out about becoming a Home Manager?
    Visit the Home Manager section of our website or click on "Locations" to talk to your local representative.
  • How can I learn more about your services to Homeowners?
    Click on the locations page to contact your local representative for a free consultation.
  • How do Showhomes services benefit a Realtor?
    Showhomes helps homeowners and their Realtors sell vacant homes faster and for higher prices. In today's market, staging a home with a live-in Home Manager can steeply reduce the amount of time the home sits on the market and bring in offers far above what a homeowner would get if the home remained vacant. For a Realtor, this means less hassle, faster sale, higher commission and a happier homeowner.
  • Is there any cost to the Realtor?
    No. Showhomes is free to Realtors.
  • How can I learn more about your services to Realtors?
    Click on the locations page to contact your local representative for a free consultation.
  • How are home showings arranged?
    Realtors who use us often comment that Showhomes are the easiest to show; often they are easier to show than owner-occupied homes. All Showhomes are available to show by appointment. Simply call the local Showhomes contact and make the showing appointment and we'll ensure that the home is available to show.
  • What markets does Showhomes serve?
    Showhomes is growing! To see what markets we serve, click on the Locations page.
  • How can I learn more about Showhomes franchise opportunities?
    Showhomes is a fun and exciting business that helps others. If you have a love of real estate and people, click on the Franchise Opportunities page or visit showhomesfranchise.com for more information.

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