Have you ever noticed how pictures of properties you see listed online look pristine and beautifully designed? You might have seen a lot of living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens that were the perfect blend of homey and pristine.

More often than not, those homes were professionally staged before being listed. In general, home staging strategically places furniture to feature the significant, marketable areas of houses, like fireplaces or the view. Think of it as an interactive advertising campaign that you can walk around in during open house events, and a beautiful subject for photos when capturing pictures for online listings.

One common misconception about home stagers is that it is parallel to interior design. While they may be similar in theory, designing homes to cater to someone’s needs, they differ in objective. Interior designers work with homeowners to incorporate new trends in design pieces or something that caters to the taste and style of the client. The interior designer’s ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere for the homeowner that would make them want to go home and relax.

What interior designers do is focus on the comfort and style of their clients. They consider the client’s personal style, ergonomics, and lifestyle.

On the other hand, professional home stagers cater to both homeowners and real estate professionals. Ultimately, their goal is to attract potential buyers and then, hopefully, sell the house.

What designers do is take note of key features that the home has and then, they furnish this area in a way that subtly highlights that specific feature. For example, if the home has a beautiful fireplace and mantle in the middle of its living room, you’d see that the couches may be facing the fireplace in a way that makes the room look warm and cozy.

The fact of the matter is, stagers are the masked heroes of realtors and homeowners looking to sell their homes. Home stagers completely revamp homes to look like they’re about to be featured on the cover of magazines and make people truly see the value and all the possibilities the home has to offer.

Statistics can back this up too. The National Association of REALTORS Research Group conducted a study in 2021 on the Profile of Home Staging. This study provides a refreshing look at home staging and its effect on sellers, buyers, and realtors. Here are some points worth looking into:

82% say that they had an easier time visualizing property as a home thanks to the staging
Dollar value increases from 1-5% for staged homes when compared to those that aren’t, as per 23% of buyer’s agents
22% say that there was a slight decrease in time on the market when they had the home staged
With this, hopefully, home staging becomes an option for everyone who wants to sell their home. Home staging is a service that helps you sell your home faster, and Showhomes is here to help. For inquiries, reach out to us at 404-210-4166