Get To Know Dr. Sylvia Gholston with Canvas Rebel Magazine!

We are happy to share that Dr. Sylvia Gholston was featured in an interview with Canvas Rebel Magazine last November 10, 2023.


We recently connected with Sylvia Gholston and have shared our conversation below.

Sylvia, appreciate you joining us today. Do you have any advice regarding quality control and maintaining quality as your brand grows?

We have been able to maintain quality within our business because we stand on quality. We believe quality and value sets us a part from our competition. Instead of just price, we focus on the value we provide. Focusing on quality has been needed in order for us to stay in business and compete. Having a handbook “protocols” in place for your business while focusing on quality is the blueprint for success. Always focus on quality.


Sylvia, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

My name is Dr. Sylvia Gholston. I am a professor turned franchise owner and lead designer for Showhomes of Cobb in Metro Atlanta. I got into staging because I love to see the transformations within homes. Wanted to own a business was a dream of mine and I decided to do something that is not the norm. We stage homes as well as do interior design for homes and businesses. When we stage, we help our clients sell their homes faster and for more money. We are different because of the true quality of our work. No staging is the same. Everyone home we stage is unique to the last and so on and so forth. I am most proud of the opportunities I provide my clients to actual sell their home without stressing over if the home is list ready.


How’d you meet your business partner?

My business partner is my husband. I met Mr. Reginald J. Gholston, Sr. while in college. He became my Calculus tutor. The rest is history and we know are embarking on a journey together as business owners.


How did you put together the initial capital you needed to start your business?

We decided to create a business plan and get a SBA loan. We followed the correct channels and were able to get a loan to start our business. We saved the initial funds to open a business account and went from there. This took time and we had to stay focused on the protocols for getting a business loan. We never gave up and the rest is history.

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