Why Showhomes Gives Franchisees Creative Freedom

Yasmin Buale spent more than 20 years working in the hospitality industry and later as a stylist and designer at Nordstrom, where she assembled the perfect outfits for her clients. That artistic eye is exactly what led her to franchising with Showhomes, a full-service home staging, management, update and renovation franchise with more than 50 units nationwide. Now, Buale puts her innovative talent to work by transforming spaces in homes, and she believes Showhomes is growing rapidly as a result of its franchisees’ creative freedom and talent.

“The major reward I get is finishing a design, staging or restyle and comparing it to how it was before. Sometimes my clients tell me they no longer want to sell their house after seeing my work, and those are the things that get me so excited,” she said.

An Opportunity for Business Ownership and Creativity

Showhomes strives to provide its franchisees with an unwavering, ongoing support system that offers tools and resources to ensure franchisee success and encourage them to pursue their passion. Along with offering initial hands-on training and ongoing training support, the brand provides a one-on-one business coach, proprietary CRM software, local website creation, social media management and more.

This year, Showhomes was also awarded the Bronze Award from Franchise Business Review as part of the 2021 Franchising@WORK Awards. The awards recognize franchise companies with the highest employee satisfaction based on an independent survey of corporate franchise staff. By fostering franchisees’ creativity and passion, the Showhomes brand continues to rank high in franchisee and employee satisfaction.

That support, Buale says, gives her more time to focus on her clients and the creative aspects of her work. “I was very surprised to have such amazing support from the corporate team,” she said. “The tools they provide — financial, administrative, etc. — allow me to focus more on the design and on presenting it to the clients.”

The personal connections she is able to establish with her clients is her favorite thing about working for Showhomes, Buale says. “It’s not always easy,” she said. “You have clients who are upset because they’re leaving their house due to divorce or other personal reasons, for example. So that personal connection I establish with the clients or the realtor is what gives me the confidence to give them the results they are expecting. Those are the things that make me happy.”

Showhomes Uses Passion to Fuel Growth

Although Buale has only been in business with Showhomes for a year, she is already thinking about her future growth with the brand.

“October 1 will be my first year open to the public,” she said. “Business has been getting bigger, and my inventory is bigger, so I’m challenging myself to take the next step and look into getting more storage, moving trucks and trailers.”

Buale currently covers several areas in Denver, she hopes to expand even further throughout Colorado in the coming years. “I hope this continues to grow. I’m the only one here in Colorado, so hopefully within the next year I can expand and buy other territories. My goal would be to have a location in a big city like Boulder.”

“We’re thrilled to have passionate franchisees like Buale on our team,” said Showhomes COO Matt Kelton. “She brings exciting fresh ideas and energy that helps our clients achieve their goals with their homes.”

The estimated initial investment to own a Showhomes franchise ranges from $77,400 to $119,500. This includes a $49,900 franchise fee. To learn more about franchising with Showhomes, please visit https://www.showhomesfranchise.com/.