Showhomes Continues Expansion Throughout the Pacific Northwest

In the last two years, Showhomes
has signed its first two franchisees in the Pacific Northwest. With the
Boise, Idaho, and Beaverton, Oregon franchisees coming from backgrounds
in law and engineering, the two owners have proven that regardless of
their background, anyone with an interest in real estate and a passion
for business ownership can successfully become Showhomes owners.
Showhomes has seen nothing but success since first opening in Oregon and
Idaho – and the brand is still just getting started in developing the

“The entire Pacific Northwest region has become a hub for people
moving for many reasons, so the real estate market is very fluid,
creating a high demand for our services,” said Showhomes COO Matt
Kelton. “We’re now looking for franchisees in areas like Portland and
Seattle that can help spearhead our growth throughout the Pacific

Kelton says the brand has room for 12 more locations throughout the
region and will start first with a focus on finding the right partners
to grow with Showhomes. With four distinct revenue streams, Showhomes’
business model provides its owners with an automatic leg up on the
competition. From traditional home staging to home updating to home
makeovers and the brand’s Home Manager program, Showhomes franchisees
have potential in both “hot” real estate markets and “soft” market

“Our business model is different than anything else I’ve seen in the
industry,” said Catherine Chandler, Showhomes franchisee in Beaverton,
Oregon. “Working with Showhomes has allowed me to diversify my portfolio
in ways that I didn’t think was possible, and it’s been a wonderful
experience to be able to offer each of our services to people in the
Oregon community.”

Chandler agrees with Kelton that one of the reasons the Pacific
Northwest holds immeasurable potential for Showhomes is because the
region has seen a notable influx of people moving in. She also points
out that in addition to the growing population, Showhomes franchisees in
the Greater Portland area will receive a unique subset of business due
to new tech jobs popping up, creating more opportunity for residents in
job transitions to take advantage of the Home Manager program.

“The Home Manager program is perfect for people who need to quickly
move to the area for a job, and would like to experience the various
neighborhoods before they commit to a lease or to home ownership,”
Chandler said. “Homeowners also love that we’re a one-stop-shop, so they
can write one check to one company and trust that their home will be
on-trend and ready to sell.”

Kelton and his team are working with potential franchisees to join
Chandler and the rest of the Showhomes family in harnessing the full
potential in the Pacific Northwest region. Through initial and ongoing
training, Showhomes guides its local owners throughout the entire
franchising process. Prospective owners can expect their investment to
range from $45,300 to $78,000.

“One thing we’re sure of is that there is plenty of business waiting
in the Pacific Northwest for the right franchise partners to jump on,”
Kelton said. “We have every reason to believe that this is just the
beginning for Showhomes in the region, and we look forward to continuing
our conversations with entrepreneurs interested in joining us.”