Reasons to Sell Your Home This Summer

Summers are the perfect time for vacations, pool parties, and barbeques. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that summer is also a great season to prepare and sell a property. As the temperatures are becoming hot, so is the real estate market. In addition, school ends now, making summer the perfect time to move into a new home. However, there are more compelling reasons to sell your home this summer. But, we do need to analyze them a bit more, so we will detail them further in this article. Continue reading to find out why selling your home this summer is a smart move.

Higher demand

During the summer months, more homeowners list their houses for sale, but more people are also looking for properties. Furthermore, those looking for a property in the summer are frequently quite serious about moving quickly. Home buyers often miss out on a great property during the spring, so the summer is their second opportunity. That means you will most likely receive a competitive offer from a buyer anxious to move into a new home as soon as possible.

Of course, just because the demand is high doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any work. Quite the contrary – you still have to stage your home for sale and quite possibly take care of some home updates that have been demanding your attention for quite some time. This is the perfect time to get your house looking its best. Usually, that’s achieved through home updates and home staging – the two things that will help you sell your home quickly.

Better prices

When there is a greater demand for properties, your chances of obtaining a better price improve. Your possibility of increasing the price can also be more aggressive than during the winter months. Then, there is a low demand for homes, making it harder to gain a little extra. In addition, during the summer, you have the advantage of more real estate data. Because more properties are selling during this period, it is easier to make a comparison.

However, you can always boost the value of a property by hiring professional home stagers. They can make your home look more beautiful, modern, or luxurious. That will help you sell your home faster and for a higher price whenever you need it.

More showings

During the summer, you have more daylight. As a result, you have more time to show off your home during the day. Your home will also look its best with lots of natural light. As you probably know, proper lighting can make a small room look bigger and brighter than it is. Furthermore, while the sun is still out, buyers can see how much light there is in the yard or garden. Not to add that, if you have already moved out of the house, you have a significant advantage. Unlike in the winter, you do not need to leave the lights and heating on while you have showings. Moreover, buyers like to spend time out of their houses during summer, so they are more likely to attend an open house.

Easy moving

Another reason to sell your home this summer is that it’s much easier to relocate during the warm seasons. After all, nobody wants to handle and transport furniture in freezing temperatures. Therefore, almost all buyers will prefer to have a new property before the end of the summer. At the same time, you will also have to move if you sell your home. That implies you will have to leave quickly so your buyer can settle in as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can have a quick process if you hire movers who can provide you with the fastest way to move and pack to Florida. Moving around Florida, for example, can be done much easier and less stressful with the assistance of expert movers. They can pack and unpack your items, store them, or transport them safely whenever and wherever you need them. In the end, you can move quickly enough to enjoy the rest of the summer with their help.

Easy buying

The best time to sell and buy at the same time is during the summer. There are enough properties for you to choose from and enough buyers for your home. And as we have mentioned before, you have more time to go house hunting, and others have more time to view your property. Simultaneously, you have more time to prepare your home for sale and find a buyer quickly so that you can focus on house hunting. Or, if you want to spend more time searching for the perfect home, you can hire a home stager who can transform your home into a buyer’s dream home. That way, you can focus on your priorities and let an expert take care of the other issues.

Faster closing

You understandably want to sell and move as soon as possible. However, the closure procedure is time-consuming. On average, a house sale takes 58 days in January, and closing times can increase in some situations. For example, when real estate markets strengthen or mortgage lenders receive a larger volume of loan applications. At the same time, if you close on a deal during the summer, let’s say in June, you may need just 42 days. Therefore, perfect timing is one of the best reasons to sell your home this summer.

School is over

Even if it might not seem important, vacation time is much better for selling or buying a home. If you sell during school time, you might not have enough time to dedicate to showings. You will be split between your job, picking up and dropping off your kids to school, and helping with their homework. If you buy a house during the semester, it is tough to switch schools without risking your children falling behind. As a result, selling and getting settled into a new home before school starts is the best.

In conclusion

With rising mortgage rates and property prices, this summer is an ideal time to sell, whether you want to upsize or downsize. However, it is not an easy decision, so we made this list of reasons to sell your home this summer. Read it carefully, put all the pros and cons on paper, and draw the line. That way, you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. If you decide to sell, hire professionals to help you stage your home and boost its value. By doing so, you won’t regret your decision.

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