4 Reasons Showhomes is an Emerging Franchisor to Watch

Just as homeowners were getting used to a hot housing market, USA Today released news that it may cool off in 2018. That means that homeowners getting ready to put their houses on the market need to get creative to make them sell quickly. That’s when home staging comes into play. While home stagers exist in markets across the U.S., one company stands out as one to watch that allows entrepreneurs to build a business with multiple revenue streams centered around home staging – Showhomes. Here are four reasons why.

Always in Demand

No matter the time of the year, homes will always be for sale. Whether in a competitive market or a slow market, one thing will help a home wow its audience – a great staging job. During a sale, this could be what tips the buyer into putting in an offer. Furthermore, home staging has a steady stream of clients. That benefit, paired with a proven business model, gives aspiring entrepreneurs an unparalleled opportunity to become their own boss.

“Staging will always be a huge part of the home selling process – that is not expected to change anytime soon,” said Showhomes COO Matt Kelton. “In a slow market homeowners need it to get their house off the market, in a fast market homeowners use staging to differentiate their house from one down the block. The product will always be in demand.”

The Tried and Tested Model

Since its founding, Showhomes corporate and existing franchisees have worked together to continue to fine-tune the business model. By taking input from owners in markets across North America, the model is continuously evolving with new programs and initiatives to increase the business offering. Instead of taking on the burden of becoming a business owner like most other home stagers do when getting into the business, Showhomes provides each franchisee with a step by step process of how to make the model work for them. Each Showhomes owner is able to get into business for themselves, without taking 100 percent of the burden on themselves.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Because of the support that Showhomes franchisees receive from corporate, they aren’t burdened with coming up with processes and marketing materials. Instead, they are able to put their focus elsewhere. What makes Showhomes different from other home staging businesses is the multiple revenue streams available.

“We can do anything from the front curb to the back alley to help sell a home,” said Showhomes Franchisee Mike Callahan. “As a home stager, we make it look like someone is living there when the home is completely vacant, and as a home manager, we will actually live there so the home doesn’t sit vacant. We take care of the house and make sure it shows well covering anything from playing music during a showing to shoveling the sidewalks.”

Growth Opportunity

As business owners prepare to get into business for themselves, the market they open in is a big component to whether or not they want to move forward. With Showhomes, each market is researched thoroughly before a new unit is put in the market. The corporate team works with the franchisee to make sure there are enough homeowners in the market to make the business successful. And with Showhomes specifically, there are key growth markets available for a business owner looking to get into a hot market.

“Both the Southeast Florida and Bay Area markets have fluid real estate markets, creating a high demand for our services. We’re excited to partner with strong franchisees to bring the brand into untapped markets and spearhead our growth,” said Kelton. “Letting someone into your home is a very personal thing, and each franchisee will be able to become engrained in a community and work with local homeowners to make sure the selling process goes as smooth as possible.”