George Tabb, Owner

I am the co-owner of a very unique estate home, El Taarn in Tryon NC, that is now on the market. Due to estate settlement issues, most of the home’s furnishings and artwork had to be sold. Believing that homes that are well decorated or staged generally sell faster and for more than ones that are empty, I contacted Cindi Stringer and Sharon Duncan of Showhomes of Western North Carolina (WNC).

They did a fabulous job of staging our one-of-a-kind property. Unlike many stagers, they did not proffer “cookie cutter” proposals and standard style furnishings and accessories for staging the home. They recognized the uniqueness of our place and worked with the realtors, their art and architectural consultants, and us to develop an individualized solution to showcasing our estate. They searched many venues to find items that would be appropriate and believable in the home, and that were congruent with the architecture and history of the home. They created a total home solution by addressing garden space, entry and doorways, and interior spaces. They even negotiated a reciprocal deal with a talented artist to provide 14 works to be placed throughout the home, which would help the look not only for the video/photos, but for walk through clients as well.

Realizing that we had already invested a substantial sum to prepare the home, they worked hard to have a budget friendly solution. They were very flexible in the business contract arrangement that we developed to satisfy our needs and keep a potentially long term carrying cost reduced to an acceptable amount. As needed they provided referrals to competent craftsmen to assist in the staging.

These two ladies were an absolute joy to work with. They are warm, gracious, communicative, and responsive. Knowing that the film crew and photographers would be arriving soon to prepare market materials, they returned to the house the day before to make sure that everything was “just so.” They even took advantage of the beautiful estate gardens and cut flowers and greenery and prepared numerous small arrangements placed throughout the many rooms. A fantastic touch that enhanced the photography work, and saved us money by limiting the amount of floral arrangements ordered to just a couple of large scale ones.

If you want competent, personalized, and reasonably priced assistance in selling your home, I would highly recommend Cindi and Sharon of Showhomes WNC to anyone.

George Tabb, Owner