Finding Inspiration For Your Deck Design


There are many ways to make your deck and the surrounding area look unique. Consider these innovative design ideas to revitalize your deck and bring more value to your home.


From The Top Down

Spending most of our time ‘on’ our decks AS we all do; you’ll most likely begin your design changes on the surface of your deck.


Consider a composite deck.

Composite decks are becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. Beyond their durability and low maintenance (not to mention being environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials), a composite deck gives you various color choices and unique design options.



Contrasting Colors

Playing with the colors of your composite deck in relation to your home color sometimes complements more than contrasts. So whether your deck is against your house or you take the plunge and create a multi-color deck, color choices can make a difference between an ordinary and spectacularly unique deck.



“Going” Diagonal

Most homeowners lay their deck boards horizontally. Why not consider a diagonal design? Or spread the boards in some other interesting patterns. Look around at your neighbor’s yards; you might just be surprised at the designs people are trying these days!



Elevate To Create

Setting your deck off the ground is not very innovative, but designing a deck with different levels might be. The upper platforms don’t need to be that high from the lower; a few inches and some creative spacing can make a world of difference. Building an elevated deck can be especially effective in a backyard where you don’t have much real estate; instead of trying to stretch across a yard, why not go up?



And while considering the different levels of your deck, this is the perfect time to address that under-deck space and decide if you want to install a deck drainage system. An under-deck drainage system will create a dry, useable space below your deck and stop rain and snowmelt from coming between your deck boards. Once installed, a deck drainage system lets you finish the area below your deck with lights, ceiling fans, and entertainment components, doubling your outdoor living space.


A Freestanding Deck.

Then again, a deck that sits lower to the ground, or even off your house (what is generally known as a freestanding deck), can create a really interesting look. A smaller freestanding deck can even act like a backyard staging platform, a spot where you feature one major piece of furniture, like a large picnic table on the slightly raised section.




Various creative ways to design your landscape dramatically affect the look of your deck and your entire backyard space. For example, you can enhance the color and design of the deck boards by hanging pots with potato vines or planting some nearby wisteria that climbs up a nearby trellis.



Under Your Deck

Even though we typically spend much more time “on” our deck than below it, it’s a good idea to utilize the space beneath the deck for more than just a storage area.


If your deck design allows for it, you can get very creative with the area under your deck.


Screen It In 

You can keep the space under your deck open or create a screened-in area that protects you from the elements while still enjoying the outdoors.



Get Creative With The Ceiling

If you have installed an under-deck drainage system, you can spruce up the area with an under-deck ceiling. When your under-deck space is protected from the rain and snow coming through deck boards, then the sky is the limit (or, more precisely, the ceiling) with what you might add to make your ceiling more eye-appealing.


Add Ons

Hooking up a hammock to make a private nap retreat is easy, and many choices exist. But why not dream even bigger? How about adding a wet bar or high-end grill? Maybe a portable firepit is what you need (again, pay attention to codes and ventilation). Perhaps this is the perfect place for that workshop you always wanted or a safe, walled-in play space for toddlers. Or maybe it’s time to fit in that hot tub you have always dreamed about.



Dream It, Make It, Be It

For as much or as little as you want to spend, you can become very inspired by what you might do with your deck. So let your imagination run free. You might be surprised by the unique backyard oasis you create.